XREATORS Launches Global NFT Marketplace on Jan 25th, Revolutionizing the Industry

• XREATORS, a global NFT marketplace, is set to launch on January 25th.
• The marketplace will feature exclusive NFTs from around the world and plans to introduce previously unreleased content.
• CEO of XREATORS, Gina Park, said the platform is aiming to lower the entry barrier for new users into the field of NFTs and contribute to the growth potential of the industry.

On January 25th, the global NFT marketplace, XREATORS, will officially launch to the public. Founded by Chainwire, XREATORS boasts an impressive collection of NFTs from all around the world, some of which are exclusive and previously unreleased content.

XREATORS has an impressive lineup of content including the NFX Golf Series, which will give holders access to field lessons in South Korea with KLPGA professional golfers. Additionally, they will feature Visual Track (Sunny Inspires) – WDBZ NFT, a Visual Track Art directed by Sunny Inspires, who has produced music videos for popular dance team We Dem Boyz, BTS, New Jeans, and more. Lastly, they will feature Professional Global Artist Agency, PINZLE, which consists of high-quality and valuable works of art from PINZLE creators.

XREATORS CEO, Gina Park, is confident that their platform will be successful. She stated, “With a much more user-friendly interface, not only are we lowering the entry barrier for new users as well as existing users with blockchain experience into the field of NFTs, but we’re ultimately contributing to the growth potential of NFTs. We will spare no resources in our efforts to strengthen and contribute to the growth of this industry so that we can continuously provide access and convenient utilization of this technology to as many people as possible.”

Aside from providing access to exclusive NFTs, XREATORS will also actively support rising artists, as well as donating portions of their NFT sales revenue to charities dedicated to causes such as education, disabilities, children & youth, and more.

The team at XREATORS is confident that their platform will revolutionize the NFT industry. They are eager to see the response from the public when they launch on January 25th.