Earn Rewards Playing Fun Games on Meta Masters Guild’s Platform!

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is launching a presale of their native token $MEMAG, with the tokens available at $0.007.
• Meta Masters Guild is on a mission to change the P2E ecosystem by hosting entertaining games that keep gamers coming back to the platform.
• Players can earn reward tokens from participating and winning in games, which can be converted into $MEMAG tokens or cashed out into Ethereum.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that is striving to create a high-quality gaming ecosystem for gamers, rewarding them for their victories and participation. In order to help facilitate this, the guild has launched a presale for their native token, $MEMAG. During the first stage of the presale, tokens are available at $0.007. This is an opportunity for investors to own an asset that increases in value as it enters the different stages of its presale.

The gaming ecosystem has a supply of 1 billion tokens, and 35% of those tokens have been allocated to the presale. Additionally, only 10% of the capped supply has been allocated to exchange liquidity, which means that investors have greater access to the tokens during the presale.

Meta Masters Guild has a mission to change the current P2E (play-to-earn) gaming ecosystem by providing gamers with a platform that hosts entertaining games that keeps them coming back for more. This changes the dynamic of the current gaming environment by allowing gamers to play fun games while earning reward tokens for their participation and victories.

The primary focus of Meta Masters Guild is sustainability, which is beneficial to both the ecosystem and the players. This will help to optimize the engagement of gamers, which will in turn give them the opportunity to earn more reward tokens by playing the games for extended periods.

All the titles hosted on the Meta Masters Guild platform will issue in-game rewards known as Gems. Players can convert these Gems into $MEMAG tokens and then cash them out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum, or they can reinvest them into the gaming ecosystem. This means that all the assets received as rewards are truly owned by the players.

Reinvesting options include using the tokens to trade, stake, purchase in-game assets, or participate in tournaments. Meta Masters Guild is dedicated to creating a gaming ecosystem that is enjoyable and rewarding for both players and investors alike.

Earn Rewards Playing Fun Games on Meta Masters Guild’s Platform!
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